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Martin Schneider developed software that processed video and compresses it into this unique format! The raw footage is compiled and edited by German artist, Ursula Damm

Incredible Video Depicts Flow of Traffic From Commuter’s Perspective

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Retire, Now!

There are some professional people who need to retire, now! There are communities in this cold, cold world who need your servitude and knowledge. Stop wasting time pleasing people who only like you because of your money. Find true love (God Agape Love) in learning to love the unlovable not where you are but where they are. God’s Kingdom lies in the heart of his Children. God has “Called You” to greater works. What are you waiting for go forth to expand & multiply God’s Kingdom.


Big BraCharles
“Be a Community of people”
Genesis 28:3 (Niv)

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Timothy is an artist like his Daddy.

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Where is your manners 101

I want to express my thought about the use of technology. It’s a great tool to build relationships but here is where it become rude and disrespectful.

Say you and another person are having a good communication session when suddenly the person hush you (silences you) and leaves the conversation to leaving you feeling like a bump on a log.

That type of stuff is happening way to much. The next time that happen to me. I going to leave too.

I’m not mad but I just saying.

We as a generation of smartphone users need to show respect to people who are willing to invest there time to physically face 2 face talk.

This is called disrespect and nothing good can come out of it.


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Andrew is an artist like his Daddy.

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The New Heart Revival

It starts and ends in you children of God. Let prayer in the name of Jesus be you guild in such a time as this.

Today is your day to shine in the Kingdom of God.

Find a bible teaching church where prayer warriors hangout. Your deliverance is right down the street.

"Get Born Again"

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Intercessory prayer is a life style. Fight pass your issue of life to intercede for you neighbor.

The “NEW” Revival is moving in the hearts of God’s children.

Get Born Again!